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getting_started [Ontario Field Naturalists Wiki]

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Getting Started

Using and editing the wiki is quite straightforward, and much of this explanation may be unnecessary. However, please read the sections “Image Guidelines” and “Information Guidelines” below before editing.

Using the Wiki

To use the wiki, you can either browse through the content using the links on the sidebar to the left, or search for the content you're looking for using the box at the top right.

If you come across something incomplete or incorrect, or something is missing, consider fixing it! Adding to the wiki is very easy.

Editing the Wiki

You will need to create an account before you can edit the wiki.

To edit the wiki, first navigate to the page you wish to edit. The easiest way to do this is to search for the title of your page using the search box at top right. At the results page, simply click on the right side to create the page. You can also edit an existing page by selecting this same icon.

You will now see a large text box where you can type to add content to the page. To add formatting like headings or italic you will need to use special syntax, which can be easily done with the buttons across the top. Simply highlight the text you want to apply formatting to, and click the button to apply the formatting.

Don't worry if you can't figure out how to make things look exactly how you want - the nice thing about a wiki is that somebody else can come along later and fix it.

Headings are created with equal signs surrounding the text:

====== Title ======

Smaller headings use less equal signs. The main page heading should use six equal signs on each side of the heading.

Bold, italics and underlines are done like this:



__Underlined Text__

Links are created by putting two square brackets on each side of the text you want to link:

[[link]] will link to the corresponding page on the wiki

[[www.onnaturalistwiki.ca]] you can also link external webpages

The syntax can do a lot more, but this should be enough for most purposes. For more information, see this page.

Image Guidelines

It is possible to add pictures. However, due to storage and bandwidth concerns, and to ensure pages are easily accessible on cell phones with limited service or limited data plans, pictures should be restricted to those that are genuinely helpful. A picture of a trail map is good. A photo of a bird or plant found at a location is probably unnecessary.

Information Guidelines

When adding information, be mindful of the impact that other visitors could have on the natural area. In particular:

  • Species at Risk locations should NEVER be provided except where:
    • The location is already extremely well publicized. For example, Blue Racers are only found on Pelee Island, and this information is very readily available. However, you should not post specific locations on the Island for this species.
    • The species is one that is still common or where human disturbance is otherwise not an issue. For example Barn Swallow, Butternut and Monarch Butterfly.
  • Locations of other vulnerable species should not be provided. Fish spawning areas, the showier species of orchids and most reptiles are examples of this.
  • Activities likely to degrade habitats should not be encouraged, such as walking on sand dunes, in bog/fen communities in areas where they are rare, or approaching bird nesting colonies.

Any information violating these guidelines will be removed.

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